Empirical launches Yalla Habibi Rise Again Cocktail to help rebuild Beirut’s Electric Bing Sutt bar

Empirical, has announced a special collaboration in its pre-batched cocktail series to raise funds to rebuild a bar that was destroyed in the recent, devastating explosion in Beirut.

Electric Bing Sutt, pre-explosion
Electric Bing Sutt, pre-explosion

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: the drinks industry community is global, it’s caring and it’s committed to supporting its own. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a growing network of grassroots businesses, charities and initiatives aimed at supporting the well-being of hospitality workers – such as (P)our, Community Spirit and Healthy Hospo. COVID-19 lockdown also saw the drinks trade come together to provide financial, emotional and legal aid, with many independents and big names offering assistance to the community. This time, when the devastating 4th August Beirut explosion destroyed Electric Bing Sutt, it was Copenhagen-based distillery and flavour company, Empirical‘s time to step in.

Electric Bing Sutt was placed at number 46 in the World’s 50 Best Bar Awards 2019. It was sadly destroyed in the Beirut explosion on 4th August that claimed the lives of at least 190 people and left 6,500 more injured. It is also estimated to left 300,000 people homeless and caused US$10–15 billion in property damage. The bottled cocktail, Yalla Habibi Rise Again​, is Empirical‘s way of helping the drinks community support one of its own. It will be available worldwide and all the proceeds will go back to helping the bar rebuild via a fundraiser.

Empirical's Yalla Habibi Rise Again
Empirical’s Yalla Habibi Rise Again

Empirical co-founders, Lars Williams and Mark Emil Hermansen as well as the research and development team member, ​Sasha Wijidessa​, collaborated with Jad Ballout (award-winning bartender and owner of the bar) to recreate one of the bar’s classic cocktail recipes, EBS Gimlet. The bottled cocktail is made using Empirical’s spirit, ES x ee #1, Manzanilla Sherry, Green Apple, Sumac, Shiso, Basil and Yuzu for a fresh and fruity flavour profile.

Jad Ballout says,

“Yalla Habibi (Come On Darling!)” is one of the most common phrases in Lebanese. It’s encouraging, it’s positive, it’s “shut up and let’s act now”, and it is exactly what we need for Beirut and our bar Electric Bing Sutt. We need to rise again, and with everyone’s help, we will.”

Yalla Habibi Rise Again ​is priced at €45. It is available to order via the Empirical ​webshop here.