Sated is an online magazine dedicated to Food, Drink, Travel & Hospitality


“First we eat, then we do everything else” – M.F.K. Fisher

For us at Sated, food is at the very heart of what we do.

In eating, we do not merely abate our hunger for sustenance, we nourish our longing for creativity and storytelling, we marvel at our palates’ ability to travel the globe, and we celebrate our intimacy with those at our table. Cooking is a ceremony, eating a luxurious necessity, and the places we partake in them help to define how we live our lives.

Sated’s raison d’être is to transcribe experiences that stimulate our various appetites and warm us from the belly out. Fantastic food ­­– be it from Michelin-star chefs or Grandma-run cafés – fuels us, but our hedonistic tendencies also take us over the thresholds of exquisite hotels and private members’ clubs; call on us to savour a tipple or two; and vindicate our covetous attitude towards items we might not necessarily need but definitely want.

Sated is a new online magazine dedicated to Food, Drink, Travel & Hospitality.