Sated Online named ‘Best Independent Food & Drink Publication’

We’re thrilled to finally be able to share the news that Sated Online has been named Best Independent Food & Drink Publication UK by Global Hospitality Awards 2020!

First off, let’s talk 2020…

Fuck 2020

2020 was a horrendous year for the global hospitality industry, to say the least. The UK government’s regulations throughout impacted the financial security and survival of hospitality venues and workers like no other sector, with millions of jobs on the line and thousands of businesses having to closed. Whilst it was truly heartbreaking to see so many of our friends, favourite haunts and brands having to put down their tools and wait for strong guidance and leadership that never came, it was also astonishing to see the fortitude, assistance and care that resounded throughout the hospitality community. From The Drinks Trust, and Speciality Drinks along with Edrington Beam-Suntory stepping up to help furloughed workers in need, to bars pivoting their businesses within weeks, and thousands lending their voices to the Hospo Demo – it was simply incredible and it renewed our already fervent adoration for this industry.

At Sated, we did everything within our power to try and support our community wherever possible, whilst battling the effects of the pandemic on our own business. We will always continue to do so and hope against all hope that this resilient and close-knit network of individuals and companies will be able weather the storm and get back to doing what they love and are exceptional at soon.

Before we get too emotional about the hospo fam, let’s move on.

Global Hospitality Awards 2020

Sated Online named 'Best Independent Food & Drink Publication' Hospitality Awards

We were astounded when we received an email that said we had been nominated for a LUXlife Global Hospitality Awards. Even more so when we found out late last year that we had won!

LUXlife aims to support and reward those key individuals who have gone above and beyond for their customers and clients, even in such unprecedented times.

Being awarded ‘Best Independent Food & Drink Publication – UK’ is a genuine joy. Sated began in May 2017 as one woman’s dream to create a publication that bridged the gap between the curious consumer and the engaged trade professional, dishing out in-depth but approachable content that was easy to follow and that promoted the best of the best, irrespective of size or star-status. Since then, Sated has become a recognised name within the trade community and a well-read online magazine throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. Whilst it remains a one-woman-team production, Sated is a “we” as it has become a hub of content and community to promote the “us” that is the hospitality industry.

We love what we do and it is our greatest pleasure to be able to work with such talented hospitality professional, telling their stories and helping new people fall in love with them.

Winning this title has been a truly touching, not because we now have a shiny trophy sitting on our shelf, but due to the incredible people we have worked with and who read Sated, who have proven that they appreciate our hard work.

Thank you for reading and supporting us. It means the world.

Much love,

Vicky Ilankovan

Sated Online


Vicky Ilankovan, Editor-in-Chief at Sated Online, Best Independent Food & Drink Publication UK, Hospitality Awards 2020
Daniele Maccio, Award-winning Bartender and Brand Ambassador at Bordiga 

“My first impact of Sated Online was that it was simply amazing. I have to be honest, I was a bit surprised by the fact that finally an online magazine was able to speak to everybody from the most experienced bartender to the most humble consumer. That’s not an obvious thing at all […] Through Sated, every single person interested in learning more about cocktails, spirits and hospitality in general is able to find their space. It’s a great page, managed in a professional way and always able to bring something new; it’s never repetitive or boring. I love the way that spirits are reviewed: the words are simple, easy to understand for the less knowledgeable, but full of details in order to give an all-around view for us nerds out there. I’ve been featured once and Sated had the power to make me feel like the greatest bartender ever.”

David Shepherd, Founder of Corte Vetusto Mezcal

“We’ve had the distinct pleasure of being featured in and working with Sated. Sated is a celebration of food, drink and travel that emphasises quality, authenticity and craftsmanship in an honest and heart-felt way. We always look forward to reading anything Vicky puts out there.”

Paul Hayes, Co-Founder of VIVIR Tequila

“Working with Vicky has been fantastic and I can honestly say it’s a privilege to have built a relationship with a publication that has the integrity they do. We are bombarded on a weekly basis by countless online and print magazines and blogs saying they love us and want to do a piece on us….only for us to find out there is a fee and they don’t even know how to spell our brand name. Basically, we’re just a faceless brand to them where they think they can make a buck. When we first spoke to Vicky, she immediately wanted to meet us, get to know our backstory, understand who we were as people and how our journey had taken us to launch our Tequilas. She really cared about us and our product and I massively respected that. I hugely appreciate it when people and publications take the time to get to know their industry and others that operate in it. It shows they really care and want to produce the best work they can. I can honestly say Vicky and Sated are a rare breed in the publication world these days and an absolute breathe of fresh air. It’s an honour to work with them and to now call Vicky a friend.”

Pete Holland, Brand Ambassador at Foursquare Distillery, Rum Guy at That Boutique-y Rum Company

“It’s wonderful to work with Sated; genuine enthusiasts for the finer things in life, far more passion than just a marketing team, professional and conscientious – it’s the real deal.”

Hebe Richardson, Founder of Ladies of Liquor, and DrinkswithHebe

Sated is my go-to place for all my boozy/drinks related news. Firstly, the website itself is gorgeous & instantly gets me excited about all the articles I need to catch up on. Secondly the writing is enticing, informative and above all friendly and relatable. It feels like I’m speaking to an expert that is also my best friend, which is exactly what you want when you’re learning new things. Sated is always finding ways to use their platform to help & support the drinks industry in ways that still give their readers entertaining content, meaning as a reader I feel like I am just as important as the brands, venues, initiatives etc I’m reading about.

The London Booze Hound, Drinks Influencer

Sated Online is more often than not the first place we go to keep up-to-date with the latest from the UK drinks’ scene. The fact that they regularly visit venues means the info is always authentic and first-hand, and they’re supporting the industry to boot.

Idil Geele, Bartender

There’s something special about Vicky Ilankovan and her online magazine Sated. Let’s start with the fact that it’s so approachable that anyone – be it a booze nerd or your run-of-the mill consumer looking for that perfect gift for a loved one – will find an honest and informative review on Sated. The reviews are unique in that she adds so much detail without being overbearing, adds humour and transports you directly to a special sensory experience through her writing.

“One thing in particular I would like to highlight is how Vicky helped bring so many venues to light during the COVID-19 crisis, where many of them had to change their business models and shift to deliveries. Being put on the platform of her online magazine for readers to see contributed directly to the survival of many of my favourite local bars and restaurants. This has been a concerted effort throughout lockdown, finding more venues yet to be included on the list. We are so fortunate and grateful to have her voice in the Hospitality industry. As an avid reader, I am thrilled that Vicky has been nominated and that all the hard work she puts into her magazine doesn’t go unnoticed.