Chilly’s Reusable Bottles Review

We first came across Chilly’s at a Pernod Ricard BEAT party during London Cocktail Week, where we were given a BEAT branded Chilly’s as a parting gift. It fast became our go-to water bottle and since then, we’ve never looked back.

What is a Chilly’s Bottle?

Chilly's Bottle Dillon ©Sated Online

The Chilly’s Bottle is a revolutionary, reusable bottle that can keep drinks ice cold for up to 24-hours and hot for over 12-hours. Stylish, light and easy to clean, it’s fast becoming one of the most used reusable bottles out there, paving the way for less plastic usage and a reduced carbon footprint.

The Technical Bit

Chilly's retro

The vacuum, double wall insulation maintains temperatures inside regardless of the climate, making it perfect for an everyday water bottle, hot weather travelling companion, or winter warmer. The screw top design with its airtight seal prevents leaks or spills – great for when you’re on the go – and the two-ply construction ensures there’s no condensation to deal with. Each Chilly’s Bottle is made from food safe stainless steel, for easy washing and a continued fresh, clean taste.

Eco-Friendly and Damn Attractive


Chilly’s Bottles come in three sizes: 260ml, 500ml and 750ml. The largest is 30cm tall and weighs in at an easy 0.5kg. That’s pretty darn light!


More excitingly though, is the seemingly endless array of design options to choose from. Not only can you select from a myriad of colours (neon, pastel, glitter etc.), textures and patterns, you can also personalise your own bottle, either with name engraving or business co-branding.


Chilly's water bottles

Style, function and transportability are all up there when it comes to the Chilly’s Bottle’s top traits, however it’s also remarkably well-priced with a 500ml Chilly’s starting at £20.00. If you think of this in terms of reuse and durability (we’ve had ours for well over a year and it’s still in mint condition), this is an absolute steal.

A Chilly’s Reusable Bottle, with its snazzy design options, great price and eco credentials, is a great little present for someone always on the go.

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