Waterford Crystal Review

Waterford Crystal is renowned world-wide for its excellence in crystal craft. From the company’s birth in Ireland in 1783 to its continued prominence within glassmaking, it has held true to its practices of traditional cutting and its iconic patterns that have become the design basis for luxury glassware. We take a look back at some of our favourite classic products and discover some of the more contemporary styles.

Pineapple-shaped Tiki cocktail glassware (not Waterford)
Pineapple-shaped Tiki cocktail glassware (not Waterford)

Glassware is important. Whether you’re whisky aficionado debating the merits of a Norlan whisky glass over a Glencairn, a lover of fizz looking for style over nosing with a 1920’s champagne coup, or a Tiki cocktail enthusiast who wants unpretentious fun in the form of a pineapple shaped vessel, your choice of glassware adds to your drink of choice. We’re not saying that every time you make yourself a drink at home you’ll be reaching for the fancy stuff, however, sometimes it’s nice to make it special.

Enter, Waterford Crystal.

Waterford crystal

Old Fashioned but Never Out of It

For us, Waterford smacks of nostalgia. We have fond memories of guests coming over for dinner and the dramatically ornate carafe that usually sat pertly on the side table, being dusted off. The “guest” cupboard would open and glistening wine glasses that sung when clinked would come out, their weighty elegance adding a gently splendour and sense of occasion to any table.

That was close to three decades ago, yet Waterford still commands that same presence and announcement of good time to be had by all. Whilst its traditional cuts – such as the iconic Lismore, which remains the world’s best-selling crystal pattern ­– still hold sway, Waterford has also stepped up to meet contemporary tastes without abandoning its artisanal techniques or heritage for craft.

Waterford for Every Occasion

Let’s take a look at some of our favourites across the collections and products.

Elegance Wine Glass Stemless (Set of 2)

 Wine, Highballs & Cocktails

Elegance wine glasses

Simple, modern and elegant AF. A thin crystal tumbler, expertly crafted with a deep V plunge design, crisp rim and pulled stem that makes it perfect for swirling wine as well as adding a touch of excitement to a mixed drink or cocktail.

Price – £60.00 for a set of 2. Click here to purchase.

Elegance Accent Decanter


Elegance Wine Decanter

A swan-like, contemporary crystal decanter with a functional beauty. The undulating curves allow for a flow of oxygen to enter, opening up the wine so that its full spectrum of flavours can be experienced. The sleek design makes it an easy pourer and much more enjoyable to handle than chunkier style carafes. The shape of the openings means that there is a lot less chance of spillage than with other modern designs, most of which have a lip. Other than that, it simply looks stunning.

Price – £170.00. Click here to purchase.

Gin Journey Balloon Glasses (Set of 4)

G&Ts, Cocktails, Wine

Gin Journey Balloon Glasses

Got to love a gin goblet. This set of short stemmed balloon glasses has been crafted alongside tasting experts to ensure that the vessels enrich the aromas of a gin’s unique botanicals. Each glass has its own related yet distinctive crystal cut pattern, meaning that you won’t get confused by whose drink is whose. This is a fantastic blend of old and new and will make a much treasured gift for the gin lover in your life.

Price – £290.00. Click here to purchase.

Love Flutes Forever (Set of 2)


Love Forever Flutes

There is a Celtic belief that the soul shines all around the body like a luminous cloud. When you are open, appreciative and trusting with another person, your two souls flow together. This deeply felt bond with another person means you have found your anam cara (“Soul Friend”) who always beholds your light and beauty, and accepts you for who you truly are.

The Forever flutes feature a stylised representation of this eternal flame of love and make a harmonious pair to be cherished always. Part of the Waterford Toasting Flutes Collection, launched five years ago to celebrate the special moments in two lovers’ lives, it is the perfect gift for a partner, friends or family.

Price – £120.00. Click here to purchase.

Mixology Champagne Coupe Clear (Set of 4)

Champagne, Cocktails

Mixology Coupe

A stunning set of coupes, perfect for cocktails (we do love a daiquiri) and free-flowing bubbles alike. Each glass has its own crystal cuts, adding a unique and special element to the group. The clear option is gorgeously refined, whilst the vibrantly coloured set promises to add panache and excitement to any occasion.

Price – £165.00. Click here to purchase.

The mixed colours set costs £255.00 and can be purchased here.

Dungarvan Decanter Set

Whisky or other spirits

A striking and contemporary re-imagination of a classic Waterford pattern with its roots in the 1950’s, the Dungarvan Decanter Set echoes the architectural forms of the grand Dungarvan Castle in Waterford, Ireland. Dramatic horizontal and vertical lines curt across one another with expertise finesse, resulting in an etched façade that is understatedly regal.

The set comes flanked by two matching tumblers, perfect for a neat whisky or short cocktail.

Price – £270.00. Click here to purchase.

Lismore Diamond Decanter Gift Set

Whisky or other spirits

Lismore Diamond

Another modern reinvention of a Waterford classic, this time the world’s best-selling crystal pattern, Lismore. The Lismore Diamond’s clarity and intricate array of tactile, diamond cuts, ensure that the rich colour of its contents sparkles and catches the light beautifully. This is the perfect centrepiece for any feast and will be the envy of all.

The set comes with two matching tumblers with a gently fanned design that compliments the crystal cuts.

Price – £305.00. Click here to purchase.