31 Dover launches Boozy Lockdown Countdown Calendars

31 Dover has announced the launch of its Boozy Lockdown Countdown Calendars, with great discounts of premium sets of whisky, rum, tequila, gin and more, to break up the tedium of quarantine (and maybe even help you remember what day it is)!

Humans are a pretty damn adaptive species. With the COVID-19 pandemic upon us, lockdown protocol has seen our daily lives change dramatically. There’s no more commuting for non-essential workers who work in offices; chatting to strangers in queues outside supermarkets from a safe two-metre distance is now a large part of our daily social engagements; and living rooms have become the workspace, cinema, gym and pub, all in one.

This shift in behaviour has gotten 31 Dover thinking about what – other than your sofa – can be repurposed during lockdown. The result? An “all-new” range of Boozy Lockdown Countdown Calendars.

D by the D Gin

Now, at first (second and third) glance, they might look like advent calendars from last Christmas, however, with a healthy imagination, aided by savings of up to £70, you can join us in the delicious delusion that they are, in fact, brand new Boozy Lockdown Countdown Calendars.

Drinks by the Dram Premium Whisky

Whether you’re a lover of rare and exclusive whisky or a good G&T, 31 Dover has offers that will see you trying a new and exciting dram every day for the next 24 days.

Tequila calendar lockdown

Bargains include Drinks by the Dram Premium Whisky Advent Calendar reduced from £249.95 to £174.95; That Boutique-y Whisky 12 Whiskies of Christmas, now £54.95; and Drinks by the Dram sets of Tequila, Gin and Rum with savings up to £46.00 per calendar.