Flowercard Review

Okay, so we don’t normally post about things that aren’t edible/drinkable…but this one’s adorable and a lovely, unique and easy-on-the-purse gift (to accompany something foodie or boozy – phew, there we go).

What is Flowercard?


Quite simply, a Flowercard is an artist designed card that opens up to reveal a fresh, hand-picked and beautifully arrangement bouquet of flowers. The company came into being nearly 20 years ago on the balmy Channel Island of Guernsey, famous for the quality of its blooms, and has been going strong every since.


The flowers themselves are all freshly cut and arranged by Britain’s most discerning florists. Foliage and greenery like succulents and ferns are placed alongside well-loved lisianthus, roses, hypericum, antique carnations, arabicum, craspedia and brunia, to name a few (don’t worry if “roses” were the only ones of those you recognised – we’re in the same boat, but gosh darn they’re all super pretty).

Flowercard products

The card part of a Flowercard derives from a mixture of watercolour originals drawn or hand-painted by established British artists. The team are also starting to branch out with new digital design ideas from leading young creative designers.

Flowercard products

All cards are then printed with your own personalised message that can be entered via the online store, before the fresh flowers and added and the thoughtful gift sent on its way.

Why Should I Send One?

Why send a Flowercard when you can just send a bunch of flowers…and a card?


Well, of course you can do that (you can even do so via the Flowercard online shop) however, whilst it’s certainly nice to receive flowers delivered in the usual way, there’s something quite wonderful and novel about opening what you expect to be a standard card, to reveal a fragrant floral arrangement nestled inside a personalised card.

Also, if the flowers or card arrives damaged in anyway, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

Gift Types


There are a whole host of different types of Flowercard options to choose from. Classic Greeting Cards with bouquet windows and L-shaped cut-outs are a definitely best-seller, however the newer Lantern Cards, Flower Churns, Flower Baskets, Terrariums, Teacup Bouquets and Cards in Tins, are all twee and adorable additions.


Flowercard starts from £14.00 (Letterbox Flowers), with Classic Greeting Cards from £22.00, and large, rustic wooden Trug Bouquets costing up to £40.00.

Shop Christmas from £14.00 here.