Help Save Trailer Happiness after Devastating Damage by Flash Floods

London’s world-famous rum and tiki bar, Trailer Happiness, was destroyed by the recent flash floods that flowed through the streets of London on Monday 12th July – just one week before ”Freedom Day” when UK COVID restrictions are due to be lifted. The global rum community are banding together to help save this institution. Here’s how you too can help…


Trailer Happiness – one of the world’s leading rum bars, that resides in the basement of 177 Portobello Rd – got hit terribly by the recent flash floods that flowed through London. The damage caused to the venue was catastrophic, and the news truly devastating to both its team, and the international rum community.

In some form of cruel irony, the destruction occurred on 12th July – a week before the UK’s so-called “freedom day” on 19th July, where COVID restrictions are planned to be lifted and bars have been gearing up to resume normal trading. This means that, after 18 months of lockdown hell, the basement bar will not be able to reopen its doors as planned. This leaves the future of this famous venue in jeopardy.

Whilst Trailer’s owner, Sly Augustin, awaits the verdict from the insurance gods, the global drinks community and the site’s loyal fan-case are banding together to help save this iconic bar. 

Here’s how you can help.

Buy a Flaming Zombie BBQ Pin

Trailer Flaming Zombie BBQ Pin Save Trailer

Trailer had meant to launch its limited edition enamel Flaming Zombie BBQ Pin to celebrate the return of the sharing cocktail on 19th July. However, it is now being released to provide an easy way for anyone to support the bar in its recovery efforts and for those who send funds to get something pretty darn awesome in return. This fiery symbol of Trailer’s spirit is available to purchase on their website for £25. Only 450 have been made, making this a rare and worthy badge of honour.

Buy Trailer’s Flaming Zombie BBQ Pin here.

Donate via the GoFundMe page

The team has just launched its GoFundMe page, which allows for donations to be made towards the cost of rebuilding the venue, as well as covering costs whilst the laborious and prolonged task of eking funds from the insurance company is underway. Even if it’s not much, please consider donating to help the team in this nightmarish time.

Donate to Trailer’s GoFundMe here

Donate a bottle, service, or your time to a charity auction


Bolstered by the support of the global rum community, the Trailer team will be holding a charity auction in order to raise much-needed funds. So far, a number of brands and bars have pledged to donate bottles, cocktail profits, merchandise sales, and more to the cause. If you – as an individual or a company – are able to help out in any way (be it a bottle for the auction or your valuable time), please get in touch with the team via Bar Manager, Gergő Muráth, below.

Email the Trailer team

Show your support on social media

Trailer Happiness Team

Yes, this is a business that has been knocked off its feet, however it’s also a team made up of some of the most passionate, warm, and driven people you’ll ever know. Kind words go a long way to ease a broken heart and just knowing there’s a global community behind you can do a lot. So please, as well as giving anything you can, share the links above, post on social media, and send the team your love. When an institution like this is threatened, we see how strong this community really is. Please show your support any way you can.

Trailer Happiness and team – we send our utmost respect and love, and look forward to the day when we’ll be drinking Daiquiris and dancing on tables with you once more.