Free Percol Coffee at “World’s Most Sustainable Coffee Shop” Pop-Up

Percol Coffee will be celebrating UK Coffee Week by bringing “the world’s most sustainable coffee shop” to Old Street Station this April.

From Wednesday 18th – Friday 20th April, an immersive pop-up coffee shop will aim to encourage consumers to make small changes to their daily coffee routine in the view to become more sustainable. The pop-up hopes to be worthy of its “world’s most sustainable coffee shop” title in several ways. Most importantly, all coffee will be ethically sourced and served in reusable cups. Customers will be able to buy the reusable cups on site and will receive free coffee for the duration of the pop-up if they do. Furthermore, if customers bring their own reusable cups they will also receive a free Percol coffee.

Free Percol Coffee at “World’s Most Sustainable Coffee Shop” Pop-Up

The coffee grounds used during the pop-up will be upcycled by their sister company, Green Cup, who Percol work with on a permanent basis. The furniture will go on to their second home in the new Percol Head Office in London once the pop-up has finished. All the fixtures in the pop-up will be recycled and repurposed once it’s over and the plan is to roll out this pop-up nationwide to spread the sustainable message.

There are 2.5 billion single-use coffee cups thrown away every year in the UK alone and Percol has pledged to make a difference. The site will be entirely single-use-plastic-free. Milk will be sourced in recyclable pouches and bottles and dairy alternatives supplied in recyclable packaging and there will be no disposable straws, stirrers or cups. Percol will also be using exercise bikes to demonstrate how much energy is needed to power certain elements of the coffee shop; for example, pedalling for five minutes will power the coffee machine for 11 seconds and four minutes will power the fridge for 15 seconds.

Free Percol Coffee at “World’s Most Sustainable Coffee Shop” Pop-Up

On entering the pop-up, consumers can pick from a fantastic array of Percol’s Next Generation Coffee Beans served in glass dispensers. The Next Generation Coffee is produced using 100% renewable energy. Reusable silicone zip-lock bags will be available to buy and if consumers bring their own reusable containers they will receive a 50% discount on their purchase. There will be state of the art coffee grinders on site so consumers can grind their own beans and Percol’s award-winning plant-based compostable Nespresso compatible capsules will also be available to buy.

This unique pop-up aims not only to be sustainable but to give consumers the right information to be able to make small changes to become more sustainable in their daily routine. Prices will reflect how sustainable each cup of coffee is, for example an espresso has the smallest carbon footprint and will be the cheapest coffee on the menu. By contrast, a large latte with cow’s milk has the largest carbon footprint and will therefore be the most expensive. Percol’s SCA-trained baristas will be on-hand to talk to customers about ways to make your coffee more sustainable, like using a milk alternative and bringing a reusable cup.


Dates: Wednesday 18 – Friday 20 April

Timings: 7.30am – 7.30pm on Wednesday and Thursday and until 10pm on Friday

Address: Unit 8, Old Street Roundabout, London, EC1Y 1BE