Seven Tails collaborates with top Bartenders to raise money for REFUGE Against Domestic Violence

Seven Tails Distillers has announced a lockdown collaboration with seven of the world’s most influential bartenders, to raise money in aid of REFUGE Against Domestic Violence for Women and Children and to increase awareness for those at risk during COVID-19 isolation.

The Horrible Truth

*Trigger Warning: Statistics about domestic abuse and gender-based violence included in this section*
Domestic Violence on the rise during Coronavirus quarantine

Last year, 1.6 million women reported experiencing domestic violence. Lisa King of REFUGE states,

“Isolation is often used as a tool by perpetrators to minimise a woman’s chance of reaching out and accessing support”.

The Coronavirus quarantine has meant that many individuals who experience abuse, have become trapped at home with their abuser. The horrendous, but sadly unsurprising figures show a huge increase in reported cases of domestic violence, online searches and murders.

Domestic Violence on the rise during Coronavirus quarantine – enough is enough

Karen Ingala Smith, Founder of Counting Dead Women, has found that domestic abuse killings in the UK have more than doubled amid the government sanctioned lockdown, with the number of “women killed by men over the first three weeks…[being] the highest it’s been for a least 11 years. Traffic to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline website has increased by 156% in one month, with popular searches like “what is domestic abuse?” rising by 46% and “domestic violence shelter” and “domestic abuse shelter” receiving a 64% increase.

Seven Tails Twist Collaboration

Seven Tails Brandy

Seven Tails Distillers’ Co-Founder and COO, Joel Fraser has announced a #seventailstwist collaboration with seven of the UK’s top bartenders to raise funds for REFUGE during this period of increased turmoil. Each has created their own twist on a classic Sazerac, using the multi-award-winning Seven Tails XO Brandy and ingredients found in their homes. The result is six 700ml drinks that can be bought as a set for £600 (nine-ten serves per bottle), with 100% of proceeds of the proceeds going to the charity.

Maxim Schulte and Jo Last with their Champagne & Banana Seven Tails Sazerac
Maxim Schulte and Jo Last with their Champagne & Banana Seven Tails Sazerac

Joe Schofield (Schofield’s Bar) has created a drink at home in Manchester using Earl Grey Tea and Passionfruit. London’s Max Venning (Three Sheets) has played around with Raspberries and Absinthe, whilst The Savoy bartenders Jo Last (Beaufort Bar)and Maxim Shulte (American Bar), have paired up to deliver a Champagne and Banana twist. Other exciting drinks on offer include Sauternes and Pear from Artesian’s much-loved Anna Sebastian, Ground Coffee from Chris Moore (ex-Coupette), and finally fresh Fennel from Kwãnt’s very own Erik Lorincz.

Anna Sebastian making her Sazerac in her home bar
Anna Sebastian making her Sazerac in her home bar

Many aspects of lives have changed since the virus began,” says Jo, “but having to stay home means those in abusive relationships are more at risk, so raising money for REFUGE is something people might not think of initially but something that is very important.

Anna adds,

“It’s an amazing initiative to be part and support such an incredible charity that is so close to so many women. Whilst the fight against COVID-19 happens, the fight against domestic violence continues and Seven Tails Brandy Sazerac Twist is our way of being able to support in a small way.”

Max Venning's Three Sheets Sazerac
Max Venning’s Three Sheets Sazerac

Commenting on the collaboration, Erik says:

“Even being on a lockdown, we have to support each other and try to be creative. This was a great move from the Co-Founder Joe Fraser to help others. My drink was based on sous-vide slow-cooking half a bottle of Seven Tails with banana to pick up the tropical notes, and another half with fennel to add anise flavour to my Sazerac. I’ve then added a small amount of bourbon and sugar syrup.”

Where can I purchase Seven Tails Sazeracs #seventailstwist

Seven Tails Sazerac full range – REFUGE Fundraiser
Seven Tails Sazerac full range – REFUGE Fundraiser

You can grab your set of six 700ml bottles of pre-batched Sazerac twists for £600 from Top Cuvee:

Each bottle contains around 10 cocktails serves, putting a cocktail at £10 – a real bargain for drinks of this calibre! These are some truly once-in-a-lifetime, premium cocktails from some of the world’s most highly respected bartenders. All proceeds will will be donated to REFUGE to help fight back against domestic violence and reach a hand out to those in need.