Digby Launches First Glass Designed For English Sparkling Wine

Our friends at Digby Fine English – the multi-award-winning English sparkling wine producer that recently celebrated its 5th birthday – have announced the launch of their very own, hand-blown glass, especially designed for the drinking the country’s highest quality bubbles.

Digby Launches First Glass Designed For English Sparkling Wine
Leander Club‘s GM Paul Budd being poured Digby Leander Pink by Jason Humphries, (COO of Digby)

Devised in collaboration with a renowned crystal glassware producer over a two-year-long quest for perfection, the Digby English Sparkling Wine Glass by Gurasu London is now available nationwide from Harvey Nichols and on the web from both Digby and Gurasu (RRP £32.50)*.

So, what is it that makes the Digby glass different from your average champagne tulip or coupe?

What we found upon sampling Digby’s trophy-winning flagship, 2010 Vintage Reserve Brut from the new wine glass was that the wider rim meant that the aromas rose further, supercharging our olfactory perceptions and allowing us to get the most out of that initial sip. We also noted that we weren’t hitting our nose on the edge of the vessel whilst trying to get at those final drops, which was a nice bonus.

The glass feels elegant in the hand and, as naturally clumsy sorts (before being mixed with alcohol), we appreciated the curve at the top of the glass, which makes swilling decidedly less precarious. Rather enjoyable also for a signature piece of serving-ware is the fact that, when topped up with bubbly, the shape of the vessel means that the liquid mirrors an upturned Digby label at the final stage of a bottle being emptied.

Digby Launches First Glass Designed For English Sparkling Wine
Digby CEO, Trevor McClough

Trevour McClough, CEO of Digby, states:

“England has its own terroir and style of fine sparkling wine, and this deserves its own vessel to show it off to best effect, Joanna [Maya, Owner of Gurasu London] and I wanted our glass to be a new British style icon, with it references to Georgian cut crystal antiques yet its ultra-modern crispness. It was key for us that our glass is technically perfect to enjoy English fizz, with its complexity and lively personality. So now we have a proper glass for our increasingly world-famous new wine category.”


Find out more about Digby and their astounding products here.

*Harvey Nichols will also be selling gold-embossed £100 gift boxes containing two hand-blown Digby glasses and a bottle of Digby’s 2010 Vintage Reserve Brut.