Crazy Gin Review

“Have you ever had a drunk Friday night? One that involves all sorts of wild and crazy ideas? We certainly have and that’s how Crazy Gin came about” states The Crazy Singh, co-founder of the equally barmy gin.

Crazy Gin Review

Like many first generation British Indians, the Crazy Singh’s upbringing brought together the best of both cultures. This was especially true when it came to food; tarka baked beans for breakfast or spam sabji for dinner were never far off the menu in his house (contact us for the recipe to satisfy your intrigue). However, when it came to drinks, he was unable to find one that matched the same level of experimentation as the food, so he decided to create one himself. Unfortunately, not everyone shared his passion, labelling him as ‘crazy’ for trying to create a British-Indian drink. Fortunately, however, he and his wife (Crazy Kaur) persisted, proudly wearing their alleged craziness on their sleeves, creating the world’s first clear lassi gin – Crazy Gin.

Vacuum-distilled to enhance the flavours of the fruit lassi and fragrant spices of classic gin botanicals, the unusual gin combines traditional lassi (a traditional and delicious Punjabi drink drunk by Crazy Singh’s forefathers) and quintessentially British gin (drunk by, well, him). Delicately spiced with British and Indian flavours, this is a supremely versatile gin that works in as many ways as your mind can, bringing the best of both worlds together and is crafted by and for those seeking something different.

Tasting Notes: Crazy Gin

Crazy Gin Review


Pomegranate, Turmeric, Juniper, Black Cumin, Coriander, Black Pepper, Angelica Root, Yoghurt


Earthy turmeric and coriander find themselves in the company of juniper, coming together to create an intriguingly aromatic bouquet that is instantly gastronomic.


Surprisingly refreshing and zesty with pomegranate entering stage right. Cumin and black pepper kick up the spice, followed by coriander and the ever-present juniper. The spices are held in check by a gentle sweetness, finishing off on the palate with a noticeably creamy texture.

Suggested Serve

Any way your heart desires. This is an incredibly characterful and versatile gin (not usually things that go together). Try it in your favourite cocktail, in a G&T or in something entirely new! Go on, go crazy! If you need any ideas, have a read of our Stepney Summer Spirits & Beer Club event review, which saw us make our own Crazy Gin Cocktails.


£41.50 (70cl). Buy it now from The Whisky Exchange.