Caorunn and Difford’s Guide Launch The Caorunn Gin Cocktail Collection


The hand-crafted Scottish gin, Caorunn, has launched its new coffee-table book: The Caorunn Gin Cocktail Collection.

The Caorunn Gin Cocktail Collection

In publishing the newly launched coffee table book, Caorunn has collaborated with Difford’s Guide, as well as 120 worldwide bartenders, developing a comprehensive and exquisite collection of gin cocktails that serve Caorunn’s story of apple serve and Scottish craftsmanship.

The Caorunn Gin Cocktail Collection

The small batch, handcrafted premium gin is native to the Scottish Highlands, outselling Hendricks in Scotland and considered to be one of the top five in the UK. Caorunn is multi-award-winning and continues to take the gin scene by storm with its infusion of five locally sourced botanicals: dandelion, heather, coul blush apple, bog myrtle and rowan berry. The combination of these ingredients provides a crisp, aromatic taste, rendering the gin refreshing and invigorating.

The Caorunn Gin Cocktail Collection

The Caorunn Cocktail Collection prides itself on being chic and elegant situated on any coffee table, with the cocktails themselves accessible and easy to make. Alongside each recipe is expert knowledge and insights into the flavours of each cocktail, with simple advice and recommendations.

The Caorunn Gin Cocktail Collection

This collection intends to inspire gin-lovers to ‘think outside the glass’ in mixing their own cocktails, harbouring creativity and individuality. Simon Difford, of Difford’s Guide, illustrates that “the aim of the book is to inspire people to have a go at making gin cocktails and creating their recipes at home.” While Simon Buley, Caorunn’s Master Distiller, corroborates this in stating that “every day, worldwide, thousands of gin cocktails are conjured up, from new takes on the classics to more diverse fusions”, explaining the importance of the book in recording “some fantastic Caorunn cocktails which have at their very heart our patient craftsmanship.”

Caorunn Gin unveils new bottle design

The objective of the book is to document the fantastic creations of bartenders across the globe, but to then encourage readers to use the creative origins of the book to mix their own concoctions and share them via the hashtag #HighFiveToGin. This sense of inclusion fosters a warm gin-loving community based on the concepts of ingenuity, encouragement and excitement.

The Caorunn Cocktail Collection will be available to buy from the Caorunn website and for RRP £20.00.

Words by Anna Price