Callooh Callay relaunches The JubJub Members’ Bar


This May, a “secret” upstairs Members’ Bar will be relaunching above the world-famous cocktail bar, Callooh Callay, in celebration of the venue’s 10th birthday. Members to the bar will either be chosen through application, or by invitation from the bar team, and will be given a special The JubJub key to unlock the door and give them access to the bar.

Callooh Callay relaunches The JubJub Members’ Bar

The JubJub will abide by Callooh’s #seriousnonsense ethos – where seriously complex cocktails are served in a fun, nonsensical way. Combatting the preconceived notions of pretentious, traditional members’ bars, The JubJub will be exclusive yet inclusive, welcoming applications from and extending invitations to anyone who is eager to know about its drinks, whether working in the hospitality industry or simply a lover of great cocktails and spirits.

Each month, a Callooh Callay bartender will take the helm and partner with a spirit brand to showcase the brand’s ethos and story by bringing a fresh and exciting range of events along with a brand-new list of innovative cocktails inspired by the goings on in the drinks industry.

Callooh Callay relaunches The JubJub Members’ Bar

Membership to The JubJub comes with a range of perks, including:

  • Member’s own personal key to access the front door of The JubJub
  • The option to use a secret entrance and exit to avoid queues at Callooh Callay
  • Priority access to weekly events including complimentary tastings and cocktail masterclasses
  • An exclusive monthly e-newsletter with advanced access to booking for events in The JubJub, including New Year’s Eve
  • A secret, direct Whatsapp number to check immediate availability at The JubJub
  • Complimentary punch on arrival
  • The option to subscribe to the monthly I bottled cocktail cabinet of curiosity, a monthly subscription programme for members to have their own pre-bottled cocktail that can be collected immediately from a specific cabinet within the bar

Best of all, membership is free as the team care about the people in their bar, not the cash in their bank!


The JubJub will relaunch at Callooh Callay on 1st May 2018. Members will be able to apply here:

For more information, visit the Callooh Callay website here.