Burning Barn Smoked Rum Review


When unexpected misfortune strikes, we are either felled and defeated or pick ourselves up with a renewed resilience. Luckily for us, when Katherine Jenner (Co-Founder of Burning Barn Rum) learnt of her family barn burning down in September 2015, she reacted with flare and creativity, the calamity fuelling her desire to create a new style of craft rum, that owes its name and flavour to that same flaming effigy. And so, Burning Barn Rum was born out of the flames and continues to thrive within the every-growing rum market.

Burning Barn Rum
Katherine Jenner, Co-Founder of Burning Barn Rum

Burning Barn Smoked Rum blends column and pot still rums from the Diamond Distillery in Guyana, which are matured in the Caribbean heat for up to three years in ex-Bourbon casks. This produces a rich rum with a rounded palate that is not overly sweet. The rum is then cold-smoked with wood from the family’s 30-year-old apple trees to give the spirit its delicious, smoked aroma.

Tasting Notes: Burning Barn Smoked Rum

Burning Barn Smoked Rum Review
The Nose

Toffee apple and maple syrup waft through the nostrils and make their way down the throat, readying the palate for a coating syrupy richness. Vanilla, ginger biscuits, toasted oak and a smoked meatiness follow, all held together by the insidious smokiness of a campfire near its end.

The Taste

The smoke is felt immediately on the palate, hitting the front and wafting through to the back, carrying apple, dried fruit and baking spices with it. The meat hinted at on the nose edges its way in, this time with a sweetened element reminiscent of candied bacon drizzled with dark chocolate.

The finish is smooth and long, with smoke lingering happily, balanced by the robing toffee sweetness.

Suggestive Serve

As is, neat or on the rocks if preferred. This would also make a fantastic replacement for a whisky in an Old Fashioned, or perhaps in a Smoky Rum Sour.


Burning Barn Smoked Rum can be purchased from The Whisky Exchange for £35.95 (70cl)