‘Dopamine Land’ immersive experience arrives in London this April

Fever announced its latest interactive experience, Dopamine Land, set to hit West London on 16th April 2022.

You might have heard that dopamine is the “feel good” neurotransmitter. In many ways, it is. Amongst other things, Dopamine is strongly associated with pleasure and reward. It is involved in neurological and physiological functioning, and is a contributing factor in motor function, mood, and even our decision making.

Dopamine Land – what and why?

This April, Fever is introducing its latest experience, Dopamine Land, in South Kensington, encouraging visitors to connect with their emotions and channel the limitless imagination of their childhood. The new immersive experience transports guests into a different imaginary realm, full of optical illusions, sound effects, and themed rooms, for the ultimate sensory overload. Open to all ages, the experience takes guests on a journey through an interactive museum, boasting multiple rooms that aim to stimulate nostalgia-inducing childhood memories.

A Sneak Peak at the Rooms

The first room, named The Ground is Your Enemy, is a space filled with infinite mirror illusions, lights, and sound effects, hoping to disorientate and excite all who enter. Next up is the Bubble Room, evocative of summer days, where visitors can sip on bubble tea under a sky of bubbles and stained glass windows. This room has been curated to unleash imagination and it will also provide an incredible photo opportunity. With memory and smell so intertwined, the Popcorn Room is set to get memories racing where boxes of the classic sweet and salty treat will be offered in what reflects a vintage popcorn machine, while another invites revellers to let loose and get competitive, in the Pillow Fight Room. With nostalgia and imagination at the heart of the event, Dopamine Land also promises rooms dedicated to nature and relaxation, making it the perfect day out for people of all ages and energy levels.

Throughout the experience there will be unique picture opportunities and dedicated photo zones which means memories can be captured and kept.

The immersive experience is located on 79-85 Old Brompton Road, just a two minute walk from South Kensington station – guests are encouraged to act fast, as tickets will no doubt be in high demand.

Ticket Release

Tickets are now available here through Fever’s marketplace.


Adult (ages 13+) – £20

Child (ages 2-12) – £15

Small Family Bundle (max. and min. 3 people, of which min. 1 child) – £16.50 per person

Big Family Bundle (min. 4 people, of which max. 2 adults) – £16.50 per person

Group Bundle (min. 12 people) – £16 per person


79-85 Old Brompton Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 3LD