Mr Lyan and Silo chef to launch new London restaurant, Cub

World-renowned mixologist, Ryan Chetiyawardana (a.k.a. Mr Lyan) has teamed up with chef Doug McMaster to open a new restaurant, Cub, on the former site of his pioneering cocktail bar, White Lyan.

The venue is set to blur the boundaries between food and drink by approaching them as a united entity and presenting guests with the pair’s own interpretation of what a restaurant can be. Working with partners Krug Champagne, Belvedere and LVMH, with input from Dr Arielle Johnson – former resident scientist at Noma and current flavour scientist and Director’s Fellow at the MIT Media Lab – this promises to be a continuation of the experimental and innovative work we have come to expect from the Mr Lyan team. The recently launched basement bar, Super Lyan, will continue running below the decks, adding an added layer of intrigue to the development as a whole.

Both collaborators have strong connections with sustainability, with Doug hailing from Brighton’s zero-waste restaurant, Silo, and Ryan causing a stir in the drinks industry in 2013 by doing away with garnishes and ice, and creating bespoke cocktail distillates that cut down service time and made White Lyan 80% sustainable. Cub will therefore no doubt be taking up this mantle but in a fresh and forward-thinking way.

When asked about the launch, Ryan commented, “We want to keep pushing boundaries (and keep things weird!), but in a way that feels accessible and honest as well as exciting and modern. Cub will be the continuation of these conversations but taking them in a new direction – looking at how we can re-join the worlds of food and drink, and showcase the importance of innovation and sustainability to a wider public”.

With doors slated to open in early September, we at Sated certainly look forward to seeing what the duo come up with.


Photograph credit: Xavier D. Buendia