Gin Mare Review

Extroverted, gastronomic and powerful, Gin Mare is the epitome of a Mediterranean gin. Hailing from the small Spanish fishing town of Vilanova just outside of Barcelona, this super savoury gin is crammed full of the same botanicals you’d expect to find in the local cuisine. Highly aromatic Arbequina olives, famous throughout Catalonia, and citrus fruits represent Spain, whilst basil comes from Italy, thyme has travelled from Greece and rosemary has been introduced from Turkey. These along with other botanicals that make up Gin Mare’s come together to form a complex and divisive spirit that has gained a reputation in gin circles.

Tasting Notes: Gin Mare

Gin Mare Review

The Botanicals

Juniper, Arbequina olives, thyme, rosemary, citrus fruits, coriander, green cardamom

The Nose

Herbaceous with a hefty hit of thyme, a good deal of olive and a strong juniper presence

The Taste

The initial sip instantly imparts olives, rosemary and juniper, followed by coriander with a fresh basil overtone. Zesty citrus comes through by the end, combining with the lingering flavours in a perfume-like manner

Suggested Serve

Definitely one to be enjoyed slowly on ice with a good, simple tonic, an abundance of friends and a Summer feast, in true Mediterranean fashion.


Gin Mare (70cl), 42.7% ABV can be purchased from DrinkSupermarket for £34.68.