Brick Brewery Unveils “Preferred Pronouns” Beer Collaboration with The Queer Brewing Project

Brick Brewery unveils its latest collaboration with artist and beer writer, Lily White, of The Queer Brewing Project. 

Socially speaking, beer has been painted as a “lad’s drink” for decades. Thankfully this archaic and frankly moronic notion has been challenged and pretty much quashed in recent years, with the general public and industry spokespeople alike scoffing at this patriarchal bull-crap and calling for change. Recent examples include Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) demanding that misogynistically branded drink be banned from this year’s Great British Beer Festival and brewers like Wild Card’s Jaega Wise having been quoted saying of the industry’s approach to women in beer, “You are completely alienating about 73 per cent of your market, but you also run the risk of patronising the 25 per cent.”

Brick Brewery Preferred Pronouns Sour

Peckham Rye’s Brick Brewery is doing its part in the fight against sexism and queerphobia within the industry, with its latest beer release, Preferred Pronouns. A Sour English Pale Ale, the limited edition drink was the official beer of London Craft Beer Festival and is in collaboration with The Queer Brewing Project’s Lily Waite.

London Craft Beer Festival Brick Brewery Preferred Pronouns on Tap

The Queer Brewing Project aims to see greater diversity, acceptance and visibility in the beer and brewing industries and part of Preferred Pronouns’ profits will be donated to Galop – the UK’s largest LGBTQIA+ anti-violence charity.

“We asked our followers on social media to help us name the beer, and though we loved the frankly vast number of puns in the suggestions, one in particular stood out: Preferred Pronouns” states Lily.

The Queer Brewing Project

“Pronouns, whilst oft overlooked by many people outside of the LGBTQ community, are incredibly important, especially to those whose gender isn’t the same as assigned at birth, trans and non-binary people […]The Queer Brewing Project is as much a conversation-starter as it is a fund-raiser, so using a beer that will have a wide reach, as well as a platform at the country’s leading craft beer festival, to raise the topic of pronouns, is a wonderful thing. 

Ian Stewart, Brick Brewery Founder
Ian Stewart, Brick Brewery Founder

Ian Stewart, Founder of Brick Brewery says,

 “We make beers that are accessible to everyone by pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions. Creating a beer & brewing culture that is inclusive is completely part of Brick’s ethos, which is why we wanted to partner with The Queer Brewing Project. Using our presence at the London Craft Beer Festival as a launch platform is an excellent way to increase awareness and reach of the initiative within the beer community.”

Tasting Notes: “Preferred Pronouns” Sour New England Pale Ale, Brick Brewery

4.2% ABV

Brick Brewery Preferred Pronouns Sour @SatedOnline


Grapefruit, tropical fruit and citrus pith.


The initial is  fruity without being overpowering. Juicy grapefruit, blood orange and pomelo create a bright and refreshing palate, with a balanced Strata hop bitterness making its presence known at the end. It’s surprisingly accessible and easy drinking with only a gentle hint at sourness and more of a bitter pale vibe, making it a fantastic Summer beer.


£2.90 (330ml can) Buy it via the Brick Brewery online shop

Also available on tap at Mother Kelly’s, Bethnal Green, and at the Tap Room in Peckham, for  £4.25.